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New online store!!!!

London Lash, Lady Bond Adhesive - 2ml

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Lady Bond eyelash extension adhesive / lash glue:

  • Reliable and easy work even in unstable room conditions.
  • suitable for classic lashes as well as Russian lashes.
  • fast-drying (1-2sec) - suitable for Intermediate and Advanced lash technicians as well as those technicians who’ve just recently started their lash career. 

One of the best selling adhesives on today's market for all in-salon and mobile beauticians. It's recommended to purchase a sample product before deciding to purchase the full size bottle. Strength for the lady bond eyelash extension adhesive/lash glue is classified as high strength and only takes between 1-2 seconds to dry.

As well as being suitable and commonly used for russian lashes, the product can also work well on classic lashes too. Really reliable product that provides great value for beauticians and works even in unstable room conditions.